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Carl Blanchet

Corporate Director - Innovation, Cascades

Carl Blanchet

Carl Blanchet is the Director of the Innovation Center at Cascades. He is working on best practices and innovation. He is also working with stakeholders to establish strategic innovation within the company. Member and facilitator of the Québec QG-100 Innovation and Research & Development community, his is looking at adapting the best practices to fit into Cascades culture. During his 23 years at Cascades, he has been plant manager for various Cascades groups, working in manufacturing for both the retail and industrial sector in Québec and Ontario.

Founded in 1964, Cascades employs 11,000 employees worldwide with more than 90 production plants located in North America and Europe. Cascades produces, converts and markets packaging and tissue products that are mainly composed of recycled fibres. With continuous efforts in research and development, Cascades constantly delivers innovative and reliable products that customers have come to rely on.

"Cascades supports NSERC-GreEN because smart packaging is the future for our industry and the supply chain management. Being green is Cascades DNA and the research program proposed by the NSERC-GreEN Network is in-line with our mission."

471, Boul. Marie-Victorin
Kingsey Falls, QC
Canada J0A 1B0
819 363-5700