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Pascal Gauthier

Research & Development Director, Memtronik

Pascal Gauthier

Pascal Gauthier has over 16 years' experience in printed electronic and he is specialized in high precision screen printing process.  Memtronik is a leader in roll to roll printed electronic, mostly related to membrane switches, touch screens, capacitive circuits, sensors, wearables and smart packaging.  Our company has developed significant expertise with home appliances products, moisture resistance, silver migration barriers and high precision printing.  Memtronik has included the environmental concerns to its own strategic plan, and we firmly believe that the GreEN network will help us to achieve our goals.  The IoT market is always growing so the printed electronic circuits will be included in a quasi-total of objects that are a part of our quotidian life and we cannot continue to close the eyes about the impacts on the environment.

‘’GreEN Network… will help to develop new technologies, offer green products to our customers and believe in a future that meets the most important value: do viable business in parallel with the environmental respect’’

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