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Serge Desnoyers

Assistant to the Vice Rector and Director of the Research and Innovation Office

Serge Desnoyers

Serge Desnoyers is Assistant to the Vice-President Research & Innovation, Université Laval. He is responsible for research funding development, for the responsible conduct of research, for the Institutional Research Ethics Boards and for the Animal Ethics and Care Programs.

Before joining Université Laval in 2017 as an administrator, he was Assistant Director of the CIHR Institute of Infection and Immunity (2010-2017). He was responsible for the institute’s operations and he shared the responsibilities for the funding programs development with a CIHR Ottawa-based team. He took care of nation-wide funding programs on inflammation, transplantation and the human microbiome. He actively contributed to the creation of GLOPID-R, an international network of research funders dedicated to the coordination of a rapid research response when a pandemic or an epidemic strikes. He also represented Canada on the G7 Working Committee on Neglected Tropical Disease and Poverty Related Diseases. He was co-responsible for the funding program Team Grant: Canada-Latin America- Carribean Zika Virus, and coordinated with European Commission.

Prior to this, he was a biomedical researcher for more than 20 years (1987-2010) in the cancer field where he contributed to a significant paradigm shift in the field of programmed cell death. He authored more than 35 scientific papers, and his research was funded by major funding agencies such as CIHR, NSERC, FRQS, and the Human Frontier Science Program.

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